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This SSL device comes with a charging cable and wall adapter.  This product does not include any replaceable loops, which are required for use. Make sure to order loops separately, or order our starter kit.


The Self-Sterilizing Loop (SSL) is a handheld, rechargeable battery-powered device designed for aseptic work with C. elegans, bacteria, yeast, and other organisms.  Pressing the button causes an electrical current to be passed through a wire loop, heating it to around 800 ºC within seconds.  The SSL can serve as a replacement for worm picks, inoculating loops, and other tools normally sterilized in an open flame.  


In addition to the safety benefits of eliminating the need for an open flame, the SSL also improves productivity by allowing you to stay visually focused on your task.  This is particularly helpful when working under a microscope.


Please review the entire user manual before use for important safety information.

Self Sterilizing Loop (SSL) device only

SKU: SSL-001
  • Width 11 mm
    Length* 122 mm
    Mass 23 g
    Battery life** 180 - 500 cycles
    Charge time < 2 hr


    * With no loop attached
    ** Battery life, measured in number of sterilization cycles before recharge, is heavily influenced by the power setting (low, medium, or high), the loop material (FeCrAl loops require more power for longer than PtIr loops to sterilize), and how long the user presses the power button each time. 

  • Orders of in-stock items ship within 5 business days. 

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